About the Baker


From my earliest memories of childhood, I can see myself holding a paintbrush, crayon or pencil. Growing up with a mother that loved any form of arts and crafts gave me the ability to work with anything that interested me artistically and I took full advantage. By the time I met my husband I was a classically-trained artist, skilled in most any medium.

He had spent the better part of his life working with something electronic and was shocked I had never used a computer for my artistic endeavors. Buying me a digitizing tablet and Adobe Photoshop, my husband gave my artistic side a new outlet that would lead to spending the next dozen or so years working as a graphic designer and art director. The lifelong belief that art would be my career was reality but a friend would soon change what I considered art.

My friend's wedding was a few weeks away and her bakery had backed out on her. My mother, something of a home gourmet, made certain I grew up knowing how to cook but, as any chef or baker will tell you, cooking and baking are two entirely different animals. I had my concerns but I offered to make her cake. That wedding would bring three or four other brides to my door and each of those would do the same. Soon, I realized I had to make a decision because the orders were increasing and it was getting harder to be a parent, an art director and a baker.

In the end, it was the look people get when I arrive with just what they wanted or more than they could have imagined. It was the chance to play some small part in making the special moments in my clients' lives something to remember. No other medium I had worked in had provided the ability to get that sort of satisfaction from my art. Fabulous Fare was born from the referrals of those clients and remains primarily a word of mouth success. I truly enjoy what I do and I hope that shows in the desserts I create for you and your family.